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Our Story

When Dhanya, our founder and CEO, realized that no one online or offline sold really unique baby dresses, she began to think about how she could take charge and solve her own dilemma and, perhaps, solve the dilemma of other mothers like her.

Solving a Mother's Dilemma

As most mothers know, finding the perfect baby girl dresses can be an enjoyable but somewhat frustrating experience. After all, high-quality outfits for children, especially babies, can be a little pricier than your typical store-bought clothes.

Another challenge is finding dresses that are durable yet soft and comfortable for babies to wear. Dressing babies should be simple and easy, with trouble-free fasteners that are accessible and uncomplicated. Putting on dresses and outfits shouldn’t be such a struggle that it makes your baby uncomfortable and cranky.

Of course, moms don’t give up that easily — we try to find alternatives online, thinking that somewhere, there must be dresses for our baby girls that will fit them well and be made of the highest quality cotton that won’t irritate our baby’s tender skin.

Dhanya started her journey to build something that is made of sustainable materials, is of the highest quality, is super comfortable, and doesn't itch or scratch her girls.

Mother & Daughter Working in Tandem

At the start of Dhanya's journey creating and designing clothes for babies and children, she began by altering her older daughter's Arya's dresses to fit her younger daughter, Naina. Arya was not very happy with this.

As Dhanya got to work cutting, sewing, and altering her daughters' old clothes, her younger daughter Naina became ecstatic with her mom's newfound drive as she was able to wear the fruit of her mom's labor and enthusiasm.

As Dhanya worked with colorful buttons, elastics, and tassels, it wasn't long before Arya joined her mom in creating lots of lovely dresses, like a 1st birthday dress for baby girls, that they could share with others and enjoy.

With her daughters showing both support and interest in her handmade designs, Dhanya became motivated to work with various well-known designers who could help bring her ideas to life.

The First Win

Like many business ventures, Dianz Boutique started small, and mother and daughter set up their first stall at The Railroad Days in Seattle. Aside from the dresses they created together, Dhanya and Arya also made lovely, themed bows that the latter was excited to showcase to everyone who passed their stall.

However, Arya’s excitement didn’t last for very long as she soon discovered how hard it was to close a sale. Many passersby smiled, waved, and said nice things to the young girl at the stall, but, sadly, none of them ended up making a purchase.

When Dhanya saw that her daughter was becoming impatient and disheartened, she did what all mothers do best — cheered up her daughter and offered words of encouragement. Gently, she reminded her precious little girl: “We never give up.”

Inheriting her mother’s persistence, Arya soon found ways to catch people’s attention, which eventually resulted in three dresses and 28 bows sold — the first win for the mother and daughter tandem.

Since setting up their first stall at The Railroad Days, both mother and daughter have had their share of losses and laurels. Still, as they continued their journey, Dhanya held onto a simple but powerful belief that she reminded Arya whenever she felt like giving up:

“Follow your heart and live your dream.”