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Our Brand Story

Our story begins

From a small town in India. Kozhikode – A place known for the natural beauty, rivers and small scale industries. As a mom of 2 spunky girls, I found it difficult to get high quality, comfortable and unique dresses for them without paying a huge price. Most of the store-bought dresses were either comfortable or unique but not both. That’s when I envisioned to build something that doesn’t compromise on the comfort & uniqueness.

That’s when Dianz was born.

Our ethical approach

We empower women. Our dresses are designed in the Silicon Valley and handcrafted in a small-scale unit run by women in Kozhikode. Each dress is sowed with utmost love and care. Every dress goes through our detailed quality check. Garments are Handpicked and goes through Washing, Ironing and Checking for color spreads. We closely inspect the material and thread Quality. We do Single cutting for perfection, Concealed and double stitching for comfort.

We stand for

I strongly believe that every child is unique and beautiful in their own ways. My goal is to design dresses that bring the best in them. This is my passion. This is my mission.

I raise my daughters to be confident & feel beautiful from inside. Stand up for themselves and for others around them.

Let’s unite to raise our children on the path to a healthy, confident future.