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Is your baby girl wearing itchy dresses?

Give Baby Girl A No-itch, Free-Flow Fit

We GUARANTEE NO ITCHING because our fabric is so soft, it will never irritate your baby’s delicate skin. We import premium quality 100% Corduroy cotton from India that is never treated with chemicals.

You’ll never need to worry about your child’s comfort because our dress is made from 100% sustainable materials by expert hands, who know quality.

Easy to Change

The open snap buttons on the back make this dress comfortable and easy to wear, even when your baby is sleeping.

Includes Premium packaging, Socks & Bow

With our new dress sets, you'll never have to worry about accessorizing your baby's outfits again.

Our dress sets come complete with a matching bow and delicate dressy socks.

Your baby girl will be dressed from head to toe like a little princess without you having to shop around for accessories.


What People Love

A Mother’s Touch

As most mothers know, finding the right baby girl dresses can be both an enjoyable and somewhat frustrating experience. After all, outfits for children, especially babies, can be a more pricey than your typical store-bought clothes, precisely because baby clothes need to be made from premium quality materials that won’t irritate their sensitive skin.

As much as we would like to fill our daughters’ wardrobes with the best outfits that they’ll love, the reality is that these clothes won’t last as long as we want them to because our children often grow faster than we anticipate.