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Buying Girls clothing from a Boutique: 5 Things to consider

Are you looking at buying girls clothing from a Boutique and you are not sure what to look for and where to get it ...when spending your hard earned money?

Well, you are not alone. You have reached the right place.

The online children's boutique clothing market is so crowded. There are lots of kids boutique around and you are confused where to get your girls dresses for her very special day.

Don't worry. We got you covered. In short, there are 5 things to consider.

  1. Unique Styles
  2. Comfort
  3. Brand names don't matter
  4. Little things matter
  5. Shop local

Did you know “Boutique” is a French word meaning Shop? A Boutique is a small store that sells high quality and stylish Dresses, Jewels etc. Girls Boutiques carry unique materials and are generally considered to be more expensive than factory-made goods. There is a new trend in major cities wherein customers are shopping at Children's Boutique online to get High quality, Designer type unique dresses.

As you look for shopping at Kids Boutique, here are the 5 things to consider

1. Unique Styles - Boutiques are very much known for carrying unique, limited quantity, Handmade material. You find a great collection of unique items at the Boutique - be it Wedding dresses, Kids Dresses or Party wears. It's a bummer when you or your kids dress up for a party and you find your friend appearing in the same exact outfit.

Welcome to the world of factory-made clothing! This is where a Boutique can help you compared to going to Amazon, Target or Walmart to buy the dress. Factory made dresses are low cost and made in bulk quantities. So clearly, they will lack the perfection and craftsmanship compared to what you find at the Boutique. Dresses from boutiques are typically one of a kind and I bet you'll never find two boutiques with the exact same set of dresses.

Boutiques usually have a very limited number of collections in each pattern. You can buy something from a boutique and know that only a small set of people will own it. Well, that feels better ;)

Here are some of the dresses from my Kids Boutique. You can see these are unique and is not something you can get at Amazon or Walmart. I guess you get my point :)

Kids Boutique ClothingGirls Boutique Clothinggirls boutique dresses

2. Comfort, Comfort & Comfort

How many times has this happened to you? You buy a great looking dress for your little girl and then realizes they don't like it and they fight not to wear it.

When it comes to clothing, never compromise on the look for comfort. Never underestimate how much these little kids have to accomplish in a day. This is not just for the kids, it's equally applicable to the grown-ups. Research has suggested that our outfits impact our mental state.

You are more confident and happy if you are wearing your favorite dress and your favorite dress is almost always your most comfortable dress. This is more extreme in the case of a young child. If the dress isn't comfortable you end up with a whiny child. I don't think any parent wants to take up that deal.

The whole point is, just because you are dressing fancy, you don't need to be uncomfortable.

Feeling miserable and uncomfortable for hours in your fancy dress impacts your confidence and happiness.

Childrens boutique clothingGirls boutique dresses

3. Brand names really don't matter

Never run behind pricy brands unless you wanted to brag about it. All that matters is the quality of the material and comfort. Do not overpay for something that isn't worth.

A comfortable dress is much worth than a pricey brand label. Cost for branded items includes all kinds of additional marketing, licensing, transportation expenses. All this cost will be marked-up on the dress. I was recently talking to a friend of mine who was working for a large fashion retailer. You wouldn't believe the margins. The list prices are 100-300% of the cost. All you should care about is the style and the fabric content.

4. Little things matter

Take a closer look at the dress. Observe the little things - inner linings, the zippers, the buttons, the embroidery, hand stitching etc. These things make a huge difference and add to your overall finish of the dress.

These little things and attention to details take time and effort. Do not discount them. You wouldn't find this at large retail stores or on factory made dresses.

Kids boutique

5. They are mostly local

Clothing is supposed to be one of the ways to express who you are and your individuality.

There are more diversity and individuality at a local Kids Boutique store compared to a large retail outlet. In a local Kids Boutique, you are supporting a small business.

Your supporting a small business makes the community vibrant and unique. Small business is the backbone of America. There is a story associated with every small business and that's the livelihood of a family.

Shopping at Boutiques not only helps the small business grow but also helps your city prosper. Last but not least, Boutiques have one of the best customer experience. Most of the Boutique owners will know your name and your style if you shop often. They can also help customize your dress if there is a need be.