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3 things parents should think when styling their kids

The three things parents should think about when styling their kids:

1. Comfort - The first and the most important thing for a kid is to be comfortable in their dress - be it boys or girls, party dresses or formal dresses. It’s generally very difficult to understand whether a dress will be comfortable or not before purchasing it. There are a few things you can look for - type of fabric used, weight of the fabric, stretch levels, patterns, the kind of stitches that touch the body, etc.

    Kids love to run around and play. They need to be left free and clothes shouldn't be an inhibition to that freedom. Unfortunately, the most beautiful kids’ party or formal dresses are not built for comfort. Style compromises comfort and parents don’t give enough attention to comfort.

    There are 2 key observations that recently came out of a study at a daycare

    a) Kids dresses were a barrier to their physical activity in childcare. It inhibits the development of motor skills and it also makes new social skills development difficult.

    b) Kids dress choices were a significant source of conflict between parents and childcare providers.

    It's parents’ responsibility to verify the quality of garments - whether it’s eco-friendly, sustainable and organic. Adults often underestimate the impact of clothing on a kid's life. They want to look like their friends and it often hurts their ego if they don't compare well with their friends.

    Go look at a playground - you will notice that some girls are wearing frilly girly dresses - not sure whether it’s their own or their parents’ choice - but they are uncomfortable while playing.

    2. Clothes should reflect the child's personality.

      Parents are very selfish :-) (Don’t kill me!) Do you agree? I am sure you don't. I bet you used to hate it when you were a kid and your parents dictated what to wear. Now we do the same things to their kids. This is not to say that you need to let your kids wear inappropriate clothes for party or formal occasions. My point is that you need to loosen up and let the kids take the choice of wearing what they want and what they like - maybe not for a formal dinner but at least for certain occasions, maybe like going to a friend’s place.

      Often parents don't offer choices to children who can make up their own minds. I like to think of style as a personal journey, which begins at an early age. It's an opportunity for a child to express themselves no matter how silly or ridiculous the choices may appear to be.

      Believe it or not, research has shown that clothing has a significant impact on kid’s confidence and self-esteem. Research also concludes the right or wrong clothes seen from the kids’ angle can affect their attitude. Simple example - My little one wears a Superman t-shirt and she feels like she is stronger than her friend, who is wearing a plain t-shirt.

      3. Color - Hey, bring it on! Color affects mood, creativity & imagination. 

        Color your kids and they will be happy. Quit the Matching Game. Its our little boys and girls we are talking about. Mix the colors, mix the patterns. Experiment!.Have fun when dressing their kids.

        Every child is an owner of an interesting and vibrant personality that needs to be nurtured and encouraged by their loved ones. The easiest ways to do this is to allow their personality to shine through with their clothing. Well, after all it’s one of the easiest things we can control and make choices.